Our Malawi Partnership

New Brand: True Origin

True Origin (formerly Just Trading Scotland) works with a network of smallholder farmers to source the finest ethical food. Our desire is to make the world fairer for our products, by offering them a sustainable income. Our ultimate goal is to have true impact at origin, through food.

The wonderful Kilombero fairly traded rice is hand sown in the rich alluvial soils of Northern Malawi. Coupled with environmentally friendly traditional harvesting methods this ensures a superior aromatic rice, that is good for you and better for the planet. This rice has won a GreatTaste award and is the “Best Buy” according to Ethical Consumer magazine (making it the most ethical rice on the market). See more here: https://www.ethicalconsumer.org/food-drink/qa-kasfa-kaporo-smallholder-farmer-association-malawi

The rice has also won Great Taste awards several times assuring consumers that the rice not only does good, but also tastes great. Recipes using Kilombero rice (and other JTS products) can be found here: https://www.jts.co.uk/recipes